Swim with Dolphins

When did you last kiss a dolphin or pet a stingray? Unless by some freaky coincidence you have actually done either recently, we suggest you grab the peeps and head on over to Gulf World Marine Park! This ridiculously family-friendly attraction has been around for years and is one of Panama City Beach’s favorites. Gulf World promises to deliver a fun-filled day of animal antics and discovery, and first time visitors will be blown away at the variety of species that call Gulf World home. Of course, if like many you are a return visitor then you’ll have the opportunity to see all your favorite marine friends in action again!

The dolphins are a huge part of what makes Gulf World so special. We promise that you’ll instantly fall in love with these beautiful and oh-so friendly creatures, and be amazed by their flips, twists and leaps. These dolphins mean business! Trainers work side by side with the dolphins to produce an action-packed show, and there are also plenty of opportunities for guest interaction both in the show, and as part of the ‘Swim with a Dolphin’ program. How does a dorsal fin ride, a dolphin kiss, or a dolphin handshake sound? Pretty cool right?

If you thought the dolphins were awesome, wait till you see the California sea lions! These guys are unbelievably entertaining and funny! They interact with the audience, mimic their trainers and show off their many talents. The dolphins and sea lions may steal the show, but there’s all kinds of other things to see. The stingray pool offers you the opportunity to pet the stingrays, plus there’s penguins, sea turtles, iguanas, flamingos, and even sharks, all waiting to see what’s up.

Ever seen a cockatoo on roller skates? The parrot show in the Tropical Garden Theater will blow you away as you see stunts such as a parrot on a bicycle and a macaw that plays basketball. Not what you expected to see on your beach vacation huh? Plus there’s creepy crawlies and slimy creatures aplenty for freaking out that one squeamish person in your group! The reptile show features snakes, alligators, and lizards, tarantulas and toads, all of which have a starring role in this production. A reptile expert will allow plenty of opportunities for guest interaction – snake around the neck, anyone?

Gulf World Marine Park is a great value day out, especially during the summer season when there’s a breathtaking show by the All American High Dive team plus ‘The Magic of Noah Wells” magic show, both included in the price of your admission. Once you have purchased your ticket, your Gulf World experience is up to you! There are all kinds of yummies available when you get hungry at the Gulf World Grille and the Snack Bar – including pizza, burgers, grilled chicken, hot dogs, ice-cream, candy and more. And if you’re at Gulf World in the evening, you can even grab a cold drink at the Tiki Bar. A large gift shop provides a really cool collection of gifts and souvenirs at reasonable prices. Don’t forget your camera!

For more info on Gulf World Marine Park, call (850) 234 5271.